The 31st Annual Peacemaker Awards will be held on:

Saturday, April 6th, 2019
at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel


The 30th Annual Peacemaker Awards were held on:

Saturday, April 7th, 2018
at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina


Each year, the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) honors individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution to conflict resolution nationally and locally. This year we were pleased to honor the achievements of these great awardees:

National Peacemaker Honoree : No Labels


The national organization No Labels has inspired more than 40 members of
Congress from both sides of the aisle to put country before party, reject political
extremism, and advance common sense bipartisan legislation.


Featured Speaker | Lisa Borders
No Labels co-founder, WNBA president, former Atlanta City Council president

In 2010, Lisa Borders helped found the organization No Labels as a way to channel frustration with Washington’s “business as usual” partisan politics into a productive effort to inspire goal-focused problem solving in DC.

When Lisa told award-winning R&B artist Akon about No Labels, he was so inspired that he stayed up all night to write a song that became the “No Labels Anthem.”

Lisa grew up in Atlanta in the 1960s, when segregation and the racial tension that accompanied it were deep rooted. Her grandfather, the Rev. William Borders, was an influential minister and a civil-rights pioneer who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As one of the first African-American students in an integrated school, Lisa experienced racial slurs and discrimination every day. That early adversity prompted her to work hard – to prove herself and succeed.

Today, Lisa is President of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), the longest running and most successful women’s professional sports league in the United States. Lisa was instrumental in bringing the WNBA to Atlanta in 2008, when she served as Vice Mayor of Atlanta and President of the City Council.  Formerly, Lisa was Chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation and Vice President of Global Community Affairs at The Coca-Cola Company, where she worked to integrate the company’s global community outreach and philanthropic efforts into its broader sustainability agenda.

San Diego Peacemaker Honoree : KPBS & NCRC Community Heroes


Elizabeth Bustos // Racial Justice & Equity

Anne Wilson // Affordable Housing

Elizabeth Lopez // Immigration

Diane Takvorian // Environmental Justice & Sustainability


Philanthropy in Peacemaking : Peter Seidler and Dan Shea


San Diego Padres Managing Partner Peter Seidler and Restaurateur Dan Shea inspired the visionary public-private coalition to erect temporary housing tents for homeless San Diegans.

Guests had the special opportunity to generously support NCRC’s groundbreaking work with San Diego's youth and contribute to the Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison campaign.

Dinner Host Committee

Vicki and Moises Baron
Joye D. Blount and Jessie J. Knight, Jr. 
Carol and Jeffrey Chang
Mick and Lisette Farrell
Peter Farrell
Christine Forester
Bobbie and Jon Gilbert
Jeanne Herberger
The Jaffe Family
Linda and Mel Katz
Jack McGrory
Cathy and Vincent Mudd
Phil Pace
Dorian & Bill Sailer
Fran and David Schroedl
Lera and Steve Smith 
Bill and Lori Walton

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