Community Mediation Services

Community Mediation

Are you having difficulty with a neighbor or family member? Being evicted? Involved in a small business dispute? Thinking about going to Small Claims Court? If so, please consider Community Mediation.

Community Mediation is a proven method for resolving disputes. Mediation helps you avoid involving the courts, the police, and attorneys; it also helps you to eliminate ongoing stressors and prevent new ones. Our Community Mediators help individuals, groups and organizations feel heard and understood by facilitating a discussion of the issues and helping disputing parties reach a mutually satisfying resolution that lasts.


A confidential and voluntary meeting between disputing parties and a trained, neutral mediator who guides a discussion of issues toward a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediators do not take sides or decide how a dispute should be resolved.


When mediation is not appropriate, a Conflict Coaching session can help you find positive solutions to the conflicts in your life. Click here for Conflict Coaching information.


  • Landlord/Tenant: rent, security deposits, repairs, evictions, roommate disagreements
  • Family: communication breakdowns, parent/teen differences, relationships, elder care, family dynamics, domestic conflicts, guardianships
  • Community/Neighborhood-wide: Neighbor issues, noise complaints, fences, parking problems, race, ethnicity issues, harassment issues
  • Business: consumer complaints, refunds, undelivered good or services, breach of contract
  • Employment & Workplace: Management & employee disputes, co-worker disputes
  • Small Claims Court matters


  1. You contact us for an initial consultation and we will determine if your issue is appropriate for Community Mediation.
  2. If mediation is appropriate, you give us the contact information of those involved and we then invite the other person(s) to a mediation.
  3. When all parties agree to mediate, we will schedule your appointment with a Community Mediator(s) that we select.
  4. Mediations are scheduled Monday through Friday, from 9am – 6pm.
  5. The mediation happens virtually or in person. If an agreement is reached, the mediator will memorialize it in a written agreement form.


There is no charge to participants for Community Mediation services.  Funding for the Community Mediation services is provided by the County of San Diego Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program.

To qualify, at least one of the parties to the mediation must reside in or the business must be in the County of San Diego.

Small Claims Court

If you have already filed a case or are thinking about filing a case in Small Claims Court in downtown San Diego, then mediation services are available to you from NCRC at no cost.

For cases already filed in Small Claims Court, mediators are available at the courthouse on the day of your court hearing. The mediators will help you attempt to resolve your dispute with the other party and can file your agreement with the court. These agreements will have the backing of the court in the event of a default. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory solution in mediation, your case will proceed to trial on the same morning or afternoon of your scheduled court hearing.

Ready to Get Started?

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