Key Initiatives

Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison

Alternatives for Youths

prison-pipeline-hero-06132017.jpgThe Pipeline to Prison refers to the policies and practices that push the nation’s youth, especially ethnic and racial minorities, out of the classrooms through suspension and expulsion, and onto the streets, leading them all too often into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. It also includes those youth who enter the juvenile justice system as a result of a criminal act. NCRC interrupts this pipeline, redirecting young people to productive and positive life paths. It helps them understand the impact of their actions and allows them to make appropriate restitution. 
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Galinson Campus Civility Program

Training our Future Leaders


The Galinson Campus Civility Program is shaping the next generation’s leaders. Being part of an extraordinarily diverse student population represents a challenge and an opportunity. When students have misconceptions of those outside their group it can be difficult to communicate. Through communication and diversity training, the Campus Civility Program bolsters the students’ ability and confidence to engage with others. 
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Helping the Most Vulnerable in Society


The National Conflict Resolution Center’s (NCRC) Empowerment program teaches the skills necessary for effective communication, conflict management, and self-sufficiency to some of the most vulnerable members of the San Diego community, including refugees, the homeless, foster youth and veterans. Through customized communication and conflict management training, NCRC helps individuals from these  groups become productive community members. NCRC has a track record of success in this area, training over 3,000 at-risk individuals during the past four years. 
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