Community Mediation


A confidential meeting between disputing parties and a trained, neutral mediator who guides a discussion of issues toward a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediators do not take sides or decide how a dispute should be resolved.

  • It works – a majority of cases reach an agreement.
  • It's satisfying - you control outcome.
  • It's cost effective - avoids expense of litigation.
  • It's fast - can be scheduled in 7-10 days.
  • It's convenient – locations throughout the community. 
  • It's confidential - keeps disputes private.
  • It's flexible - can be used before, during, or after a case has been filed in court.
  • It's professional – mediators are highly trained and experienced.



  • Neighborhood: noise, parking lifestyles
  • Landlord/Tenant: rent, security deposits, repairs, evictions
  • Family: parent/teen differences, relationships, elder care, family dynamics
  • Community-wide: race, ethnicity issues
  • Business: consumer complaints
  • Small Claims Court matters
  • Restraining Order cases 
  • Residential rent or eviction disputes related to eviction moratoriums during COVID-19 


There is no charge to participants for Community Mediation services.  Funding for the Community Mediation services is provided by the County of San Diego Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR) Program.
Small Claims Court
If you have already filed a case or are thinking about filing a case in Small Claims Court in downtown San Diego, then mediation services are available to you from NCRC at no cost.
For cases already filed in Small Claims Court, mediators are available at the courthouse on the day of your court hearing.  The mediators will help you attempt to resolve your dispute with the other party and can file your agreement with the court.  These agreements will have the backing of the court in the event of a default.  If you are unable to reach a satisfactory solution in mediation, your case will proceed to trial on the same morning or afternoon of your scheduled court hearing.
Advantages of mediating your Small Claims Court dispute:

SATISFACTION – You control the outcome of your case and decide whether there will be an agreement, and what the agreement terms will be.
AGREEMENT – 75% - 80% of cases resolve in the mediation process – it is a world of difference communicating directly with each other as opposed to sitting down with a trained neutral mediator to help guide the conversation.
COMPLIANCE – nothing is forced upon you in mediation, we find that when people create their own solutions they are more likely then to follow through with what they came up with themselves.
Defendants can avoid a judgment on their record that can impact their credit negatively. Credit will not be impacted as long as they follow through with the mediated agreement.
Plaintiffs can work out a realistic solution with the defendant and avoid frustrating collection efforts.  You will walk away with a specific plan that day as to how you will receive your satisfaction.
NCRC offices are conveniently located throughout the county.  Usually cases can be set up with 1-2 weeks depending on everyone’s availability.

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Location of NCRC’s community mediation office.

City Heights

Veronica Mikho
4305 University Ave., Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92105
p. (619) 398-0494
f. (619) 238-8041
Email Veronica


NCRC mediators can also be found at Small Claims courthouses around the county. Volunteer mediators are on-site at Small Claims Court to allow parties one last opportunity to mediate prior to presenting their case to the judge.  NCRC performs over 800 mediations each year at Small Claims courts.

Maintaining a local volunteer mediator corps and continuous networking with community referral sources are central aspects of all of these programs.  Funding for these important programs comes from the County of San Diego, philanthropic gifts and fees from the other NCRC divisions.