Meet Our Staff



A group of passionate individuals that believe there is a solution to every dispute
and are committed to providing others with the tools for resolution.

Senior Staff

The Rest Of Our Amazing Team

Michael Algeo

Conflict Management Specialist

Ricardo Alvarez

Program Facilitator

Emily Barnes

Community Connector

Rosa Beltran

Case Manager

Sofia Bianconi

Program Administrative Assistant

Valerie Breen

Community Mediation Coordinator & Mediator

Dania Brett

Outreach Manager

Teresa Burke-Ellet

Staff Accountant

Breea Buskey

Alternative Justice Program Manager

Natalie Calderon

Data and Evaluation Coordinator

Mary Castaneda

Database Manager

Emma Celeste

Assistant Project Manager

Adrian Clark

Program Facilitator

Stefan Cocorelis

Program Facilitator

Iddo Gelle

Lead Community Connector

Lily Goodwin

Fund Development Manager

Alexa Hamaker

Administrative Case Plan Coordinator

Roxane Helstrom

Senior Strategic Advisor

Jake Kern

Program Facilitator

Bridget Lambert

Chief Financial Officer

Smhale Leon

WCRG Coordinator, West Coast Resolution Group

Gloria Magallanes

Conflict Coach

Nelson Miranda

Training Support Coordinator

Rafael Monroy

Restorative Practices School Specialist

Saima Nasim

Conflict Management Specialist

Juan Carlos Nieblas

Program Manager, Restorative Justice

Brittney Ochira

Senior Project Manager

Mireya Pinell-Cruz

Assistant Office Manager

Richard Pray

Community Mediation Coordinator

Dylan Prohasksa

Case Coordinator

Genevieve Quintard

Lead Administrative Assistant

Luis Ruan

RJP School Specialist

Holly Sullivan

Senior Project Manager

Susanna Summers

Marketing Strategist, External Relations

Jessica Tena

Restorative Practitioner/Trainer

Mikiel Toure

Restorative Practitioner

Tsava Tuzolana

Conflict Coach

Randy West

Community Justice Program Manager, Downtown