This workshop examines a bystander’s role in decreasing inappropriate communication and behavior in the workplace.  Colleagues in a work environment often hear comments and witness behaviors that can escalate to the point of an individual feeling harassed by their coworker.  Increasingly, bystanders are being asked to become “up-standers;” to stand up to perceived harassment issues. As many recognize, that is easier said than done.  Many times, workplace dynamics make it challenging to know the correct course of action.  Long-term working relationships, workplace culture, lack of diversity on a team, and discomfort with the topic can all get in the way of taking action.
While notices and directives abound in workplaces to raise awareness of what constitutes harassment, few programs teach people how to communicate to their co-worker when they perceive red flags. NCRC’s strength is teaching people how to have challenging conversations in ways that demonstrate respect, inclusiveness, and dignity for everyone involved.  This workshop on empowering bystander communication builds on the tools we know work to help employees gain confidence in conducting these conversations. Thoughtful interactive exercises and reflective conversation help create a safe space to learn.  Weaving in values clarification and specific communication skills development, NCRC’s bystander workshop gives participants more confidence to react to these situations effectively.

For a customized The Bystander Challenge workshop brought to your group or organization on-site, please contact Ashley Virtue at 619-238-2400 ext. 221.