The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) has created a version of its most popular workshop, The Bystander Challenge, which is compliant with state requirements (SB 778 for employees and CA AB 1825 for supervisors) for workplace anti-harassment training.
In addition to covering the required curriculum around harassment and how to identify it, stop it and report it, this course also examines a bystander’s role in decreasing inappropriate communication and behavior in the workplace, so that harassment is less likely to occur in the first place.

Colleagues in a work environment often hear comments and witness behaviors that can escalate to the point of harassment. Increasingly, bystanders are being asked to take action because when disrespectful behavior is left unaddressed, it is more likely to escalate into a more serious issue.


Bystanders are taught effective responses that they can make to these challenging situations, including knowing when the situation needs to be reported to Human Resources.  Participants are informed about everything they need to know about harassment according to the standards for a compliant anti-harassment program. This deeper understanding helps them realize the importance of prevention of escalating it to harassment.
NCRC’s strength is teaching people how to have challenging conversations in ways that demonstrate respect, inclusiveness, and dignity for everyone involved. This workshop on empowering bystander communication builds on the tools we know work to help employees gain confidence in conducting these conversations. Thoughtful interactive exercises and reflective conversation help create a safe space to learn.

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