Community Restorative Circles

WHAT IS A COMMUNITY CIRCLE? A Community Restorative Circle allows a diverse group of participants to come together, discover common ground, manage difficult conversations, respect differences, empathize, and communicate. This supportive and open environment thrives on attendees sharing personal perspectives, stories, and wisdom. Learn More and Register Here

NCRC Helps San Diegans Stay Connect with Virtual Circles

NCRC Helps San Diegans Stay Connect with Virtual Circles The National Conflict Resolution Center is facilitating virtual community circles, providing an opportunity to meet virtually with our San Diego neighbors to build community, and to focus on the hope and resilience that will see us through these trying times. Listen to Mayor Faulconer highlight these … Read more

Communication and Conflict Resolution Training Workshops

AVAILABLE COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS The following community workshops are available as either open enrollment courses or resident-specific trainings. Please click the blue title links for more information and to register. Training offered in partnership with the San Diego County HHSA, as part of the Live Well San Diego Exchange initiative.  Workshops for newly arrived refugees and ... Read more

Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices Within the collective dignity, love and respect of all people, exists the wisdom and resources for a beautiful, harmonious tomorrow. – Jerry Tello Restorative Practices, deeply rooted in ancient traditions from around the world, support developing healthy communities by building, maintaining, and repairing relationships. These practices are based on the principle of holding ... Read more

NCRC’s Virtual Sessions and Videos Aim to Ease Conflicts

NCRC’s Virtual Sessions and Videos Aim to Ease Conflicts The front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune explores NCRC’s new virtual endeavours to help support and provide resources to the community during the pandemic, including online community circles, the Mindset Monday series, and tips from Executive Director Steve Dinkin.

Restorative Practices In the Juvenile Justice System

THE RESTORATIVE COMMUNITY CONFERENCING PROGRAM RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is a non-punitive approach that emphasizes accountability and resolution of an offense through dialogue with all impacted parties including the responsible youth.​ Restorative Justice is administered through a Restorative Community Conference (RCC). An RCC is a face to face problem solving meeting between people that were harmed, the ... Read more

Restorative Practices in the San Diego School District

RESTORATIVE PRACTICES IN K-12 SCHOOLS Schools from around the county have partnered with NCRC to provide restorative tools and support their school site. The purpose of restorative practices is to further cultivate community on campuses with a focus on building strong relationships. View informational videos Restorative Practices in San Diego Unified School District Crawford High ... Read more