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Conflict Resolution
and Training.

NCRC offers divorce mediation for individuals, mediation services for the public and legal community, and conflict resolution services for community based disputes.
Each year, NCRC also trains thousands of individuals across the US in communication strategies to help resolve day-to-day conflicts at home, in the workplace, in universities and in community organizations.

Mediation Services

Mediation is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties through constructive discussion and negotiation of their issues in order to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. NCRC has two branches of professional mediation services: Divorce mediation is an affordable alternative to litigating in court for resolving all family law issues before, during, and after the divorce or legal separation; and  West Coast Resolution Group provides affordable mediation services to the public and legal community. NCRC also offers pro-bono mediation services for select community cases, which are described more under “Community Services”.

Divorce Mediation Group provides those in divorce a civil, sensible, affordable alternative to litigating in court for resolving all family law issues before, during, and after the divorce or legal separation.

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Divorce Mediation Group offers trained, impartial mediators, with extensive experience in family law, to resolve issues in a confidential setting.

Meet our Mediators

Contemplating divorce or separation but not sure what next steps to take? Join us at one of our informative workshops, which will help you decide how to proceed with your family law issues.

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Read articles written by professionals in the family law field. This blog provides information and helpful tips for those interested in learning more about divorce mediation.

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The West Coast Resolution Group, a division of the National Conflict Resolution Center, has one purpose: to provide exceptional and affordable mediation services to the legal community.
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The West Coast Resolution Group is a group of experienced neutrals with extensive experience mediating a variety of cases.

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Professionals in the legal community can benefit from our conflict resolution workshops by learning the nuances of the mediation process from an experienced neutral‘s perspective.

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Training Services

Obtain the skills you need to become a conflict resolution expert in your workplace, community organization, neighborhood or family.   The NCRC Training Institute is a nationally and internationally recognized resource for mediation training, and an innovative resource for communication, conflict resolution and diversity training.

Visit our training services section to view available workshops and meet our trainers.

Community Services

The Community Services division is at the heart of NCRC’s mission.    NCRC provides no-cost mediations for community based disputes and offers communication training to at-risk populations.  Through three key initiatives – Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison, a program to keep youth out of the juvenile justice system and in school;  the Galinson Campus Civility Program, an initiative that encourages young leaders on college campuses to learn effective communication strategies to use throughout their lives; and the Empowerment Initiative, a program designed to equip the most at-risk populations in our society with basic communication skills to help them effectively cope with the world outside -  NCRC hopes to strengthen its mission of Empowering People & Transforming Cultures.


There is a Solution

Since 1983, NCRC has been Empowering People and Transforming CulturesTM to look at conflict differently.

Whether you’re struggling with a divorce, have a business contract dispute or simply want to learn how to better manage organizational friction through mediation, we have a conflict resolution service designed to reveal the common ground among the controversy.

We believe there is a solution to every problem, and we can help you find it.