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Conflicts arise in every aspect of life—at home and work, in classrooms and communities. When effective communication strategies reveal common ground, people are empowered to overcome differences. The National Conflict Resolution Center provides services and training that transform conflict into resolution.

National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) works with thousands of individuals across the globe to help resolve conflicts at all levels of society, through our unique and effective training programs. NCRC also offers mediation services for the public and legal community; divorce mediation for individuals and families; and conflict resolution services for community-based disputes.

We provide the resources, training and expertise to help people, organizations and communities manage and solve conflicts, with civility.



The National Conflict Resolution Center’s Training Institute is uniquely qualified to teach you the dispute and conflict resolution skills you need. We remain committed to equipping you with skills and tools to bring peace of mind to you.

Equity & Civility Initiative

Get certified as a company dedicated to a civil workplace and receive public recognition in the Union-Tribune.

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If you are serious about learning the best techniques in mediation and negotiation, our programs are the best place to start!

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NCRC’s mediation and conflict resolution training workshops are available as either open enrollment courses or customized on-site courses.


Mediation is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties through constructive discussion and negotiation of their issues in order to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. West Coast Resolution Group, a division of the National Conflict Resolution Center, has one purpose: to provide exceptional and affordable mediation services to the legal community. NCRC also offers pro-bono mediation services for select community cases, which are described more under  “Community Services”.


The West Coast Resolution Group is a group of experienced neutrals with extensive experience mediating a variety of cases.


Professionals in the legal community can benefit from our conflict resolution workshops by learning the nuances of the mediation process from an experienced neutral‘s perspective.

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Through no-cost mediations for community based disputes and  three other key initiatives – Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison, the Galinson Campus Civility Program, and the Empowerment Initiative –  NCRC hopes to strengthen its mission of Empowering People & Transforming Cultures.

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