You believe people and communities can overcome conflict most effectively through honest, civil dialogue...

You want to leave a legacy that strengthens San Diego and improves systems...


You might wish to consider a gift to the National Conflict Resolution Center in your will – a gift for today and tomorrow.


Nothing has been more satisfying than devoting our time, energy and resources to building strong and vibrant communities. Communities grow from individual relationships between people – people who know each other, care for one another and seek to meet each other’s needs. Strong relationships require great communication in order to meet challenges together, creatively and effectively. That’s why we enthusiastically support the National Conflict Resolution Center.
NCRC delivers the tools, skills and support necessary to build and sustain thriving communities long into the future. It is a legacy we hope to share.


Whether working in technology, medicine, business or higher education, effective communication is critical for success, especially in the face of disagreement or dispute. Differences of perspective and opinion are opportunities for learning and discovery. We believe NCRC’s communications training on university campuses is essential to foster the free exchange of competitive ideas, preparing generations of future leaders to discover the best solutions to society’s most pressing problems.


As a lifelong educator, I am constantly filled with hope for the future when I consider the creativity, passion and enthusiasm our young people bring to new problems. I have included NCRC in my estate plan to ensure that each generation is supported with the best practices, skills and tools necessary to work together with respect in discovery of the best solutions.


The true strength of all communities – families, workplaces, neighborhoods or nations – is best measured by the respect people have for one another. Solutions to the greatest challenges are found by working together, and respect for one another and their different perspectives is essential for that progress.
We value a diversity of background, identity and ideas, and we support NCRC’s transformative work to promote respectful dialogue and inclusive problem solving. Theirs is a mission to build a better world. Our family proudly joins with them.

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