Campaign for Civility

The National Conflict Resolution Center Empowers People to Find Solutions through Proven Communication and Conflict Management Training

Committed to building a more civil society for over 30 years, the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) touches the lives of thousands of people every year, including some of the most vulnerable. NCRC transforms lives by providing the training and expertise to help individuals and communities manage and resolve conflicts in ways that are collaborative and forward-looking.

Building Capacity for Positive Change

The Campaign for Civility has been designed to provide greater financial stability and flexibility for NCRC. Our goal is to raise $1.5 million. These funds will allow us to respond strategically to growth opportunities and sustain a leadership position in proactively addressing conflict throughout the San Diego community and the United States.

The Campaign for Civility gives you the opportunity to make a real and positive difference in people's lives. You will enable:


More people, including your friends, neighbors and colleagues, to resolve issues collaboratively and with civility


Constructive dialogue around issues of critical importance to the community and nation

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Those with the fewest resources to learn life-changing communication skills 


NCRC to respond nimbly to time-sensitive community needs

Making an Impact

Your philanthropic support will make an enormous difference. It will help NCRC shift cultures through integrated training and services that move people, organizations and communities from conflict to civility. A gift to NCRC will help us address, discuss and solve critical issues in a manner that creates community, inclusion and support. Examples of our specialized training and services include:


People forced to leave their countries escape unthinkable violence and oppression and often need assistance transitioning into a new culture. NCRC provides refugees with insights and skills to value differences and communicate more effectively, empowering them to function successfully in a different environment.


Members of the U.S. military put their lives on the line to protect our way of life, but the very abilities that made them successful soldiers can make it harder to reenter civilian life. NCRC provides the training and services veterans need to find and hold a job, to manage stress, and to deal with conflict in their personal and public lives.


People can become trapped in homelessness. NCRC communication and life skills training can help them move beyond it. By teaching the interpersonal skills that an employer values – the ability to adapt, to work effectively in a team environment, and to accept constructive criticism – NCRC offers the tools of interaction necessary to reintegrate into a constructive place in society.

Campus Civility

NCRC has an opportunity to shape the future by teaching college students, the leaders of the next generation, how to respect one another, honor differences, and build meaningful and effective collaborations. To achieve this goal, NCRC is partnering with a number of universities, including California State University San Marcos, San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego.

Troubled Teens/Restorative Justice

NCRC has developed an innovative program that uses restorative justice to help at-risk youths and juvenile offenders recognize the effect of their actions, avoid criminal records and change their behavior. Working with the juvenile justice and school systems, youths accused of crimes are brought together with parents, victims, teachers and community members to address the underlying causes of their behavior. Together, they design trackable and appropriate corrective action that provides resolution, closure and growth for both the victims and offenders.

Under Served Communities

Conflict management training can help people of every age in every community. NCRC currently maintains special relationships with City Heights, the Diamond Neighborhoods, and South Bay, and works with a range of leaders, such as pastors, police officers, youth leaders, school and health officials. Promoting dialogue and proactively managing conflict avoids the violence that often destroys the fabric of our communities.

You Can Help

NCRC’s impact is deep, life-changing and far-reaching. The only limit to the services NCRC provides is the philanthropic support we receive. The partnerships we create with our donors enable transformative, positive community change. Thank you for choosing to participate in the “Campaign for Civility,” and thank you for the impact you are choosing to make.  Make a contribution now.