Mindset Mondays

Monday, 12 November 2018
Always Know Your Sources
It's important to be well-educated about facts before going into a conversation. Make sure your sources are reputable, so you know what you're talking about before jumping into dialogue.
Monday, 5 November 2018
Surviving Midterm Elections
Surviving the midterm elections - Wouldn't you agree that all the ad campaigns can be a bit overwhelming? Here's a quick reminder that you can still be civil towards others who may think differently from you.
Monday, 22 October 2018
Bystander Intervention: Stepping in When you See Bullying
Can the actions of one person truly make a difference when it comes to eliminating bullying? The answer is yes, without a doubt. When bystanders intervene, they play a key role in preventing or stopping bullying.
Monday, 15 October 2018
How to Deal With A Cyber Bully
Some people take bullying to the next level on the internet. Whether dealing with conflict in person or online, you have to keep the same things in mind. Remember, there's a still a person on the other side of the screen.
Monday, 8 October 2018
How to Stop Workplace Bullying
If you are someone who as experienced bullying in the workplace, you know it's a tough situation to navigate. Don't feel embarrassed, feel empowered. You might be able to help others around you by bringing this issue to light and having an important conversation about it.
Monday, 1 October 2018
Ways to Stop Bullying
Bullying can happen in any number of places, contexts, or locations. Sometimes that place is at school, online, or even the workplace. That’s why in the month of October, National Conflict Resolution is creating a series of Mindset Monday videos dedicated to preventing bullying. Today, we hone in on how parents can share how parents can play a key role in preventing and responding to bullying.
Monday, 24 September 2018
Third Person
When we're trying to resolve conflict, we're thinking of ourselves. If you're doing a good job, you're considering the person you're in conflict with. However, sometimes we don't consider the people around us that have been affected by the conflict as well, and we need to.
Monday, 17 September 2018
Learn to Spot the Chance
The deeper you are in conflict the harder it is to see. You may miss out on opportunities for resolution that may present themselves. Watch Ashley Virtue in this weeks #MindsetMonday to help you keep your eye on what caused the conflict in the first place.

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so we've all been in conflict with someone when things just drag on forever conflicts can last for hours or sometimes for people's entire lives and the further you get into the conflict the harder is to see clearly and to kind of keep your eye on what made the problem happen in the first place suddenly your focus kind of becomes more about proving that you are right then actually moving towards what you are kind of wanting in the first place so in these situations it's so important not to fall victim to what we call the absolute victory pitfall where you want to be absolutely right an other party is absolutely wrong it's important to remember that when we think like this we miss all of the opportunities for resolution that might be presenting themselves because we're not paying attention to the subtle olive branches that might be getting extended to us instead we're just thinking about needing to absolutely be right so no one wants to be in conflict forever we all know that so just make sure that you take the blinders off when needed and you take the opportunity if it's there to resolve the issue

Monday, 10 September 2018
Knowing When to Speak Up
Interrupting people all the time is a surefire way to upset them. Here's how to stop interrupting and become an attentive, active listener.
Monday, 3 September 2018
How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation
Sometimes we expect for other people to go through emotions the same way that we do. "A big part of healthy conversation is allowing the other person to have their space." - Ashley Virtue, Dir. of External Relations