Tactical Communications: Navigating Cultural Differences


Whether it’s developing skills that promote more effective and respectful communication while serving and protecting community residents or promoting productive conversations about improving police/community relations, National Conflict Resolution Center has an established history of training peace officers and others serving in the law enforcement field.

Previous Training Clients

Workshops for Peace Officers

For sworn officers, NCRC offers training in Tactical Communications: Navigating Cultural Differences. This workshop is fully certified through the California Commission... and offered tuition-free, through the POST Social Innovations Grant. Trainees will learn skills to interact in a way that promotes safety and efficiency when interacting with community members from a wide range of cultures and diverse communication styles.
Contact Holly Sullivan at hsullivan@ncrconline.com for POST questions or to discuss customizing a curriculum for your law enforcement agency.
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Joint Law Enforcement and Community Workshops

As part of the Live Well San Diego Exchange program, funded by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, NCRC is promoting better ... communication and collaboration between San Diego law enforcement officers and residents of the County. NCRC facilitates interactive workshops between youth and adult groups of community members and officers/deputies from their communities that feature communication skill-building and facilitated discussions about what we need from each other, and what can be done to build trust.
Contact Holly Sullivan at hsullivan@ncrconline.com to bring a joint law enforcement/community workshop to your area.
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