Developed in 1993, the curriculum of NCRC’s Mediator Credential reflects the best national research available on mediator standards, as well as the collective experience of NCRC as an internationally respected training center and service provider. Mediator Credentialing is a three-step process: Training, Experience and Performance Evaluation.


Prior to applying for the credential program, you must have completed a minimum of 32 hours of mediation skills training.

You can best meet the training requirement by completing NCRC’s 32-hour, four-day Introductory Mediation Skills Training. This course exceeds training standards under current California law and the San Diego Superior Court General Civil Mediation Program.

Alternatively, you may meet the training requirement by completing an equivalent course with another training provider, subject to approval of the NCRC Training Institute. Supplemental training may be recommended. Regardless of where you have received your training, you should enroll in the credentialing program within two years of an approved 32-hour training course.


Our Standard Curriculum is a minimum of 20 hours of supervised mediation experience. You observe and mediate a combination of real and simulated cases over an intense six- to 12-month practicum with NCRC mediation programs — a minimum of two observations and six mediations. These experiences equal at least 20 hours of live mediation experience under supervised conditions. You will have many opportunities for guidance, feedback, coaching and consultation with training staff throughout this phase.

In NCRC’s Customized Curriculum program, if you have prior mediation experience, you may receive a partial waiver of the experiential component, subject to approval of the NCRC Training Institute. Prior experience means conducting a structured mediation process “at the table.” An individualized curriculum of observations and coaching will be developed.

Performance Evaluation

At the culmination of your training and experience, you conduct a simulated mediation under the observation of an NCRC evaluator. A comprehensive assessment instrument evaluates your competency in 18 different skill areas. You receive a detailed report containing specific information identifying areas of demonstrated strengths and weaknesses.

The final evaluation may be taken twice. You must receive a passing report in order to earn the NCRC Mediator Credential.

Enrollment Periods and Duration of Program

Qualified applicants are enrolled quarterly in classes of five candidates at a time. Once enrolled in the program, you are expected to complete the experiential and evaluation components within six to 12 months. Call NCRC at (619) 238-2400 x 237 or send an email to to discuss your interest or to request application materials.