Many times, after people have completed the Introductory Mediation Skills Course, they need additional coaching to understand and have confidence in their role as a mediator. In this workshop, trainees learn the "tricks of the trade" from mediators highly experienced in using NCRC's mediation model in a variety of actual cases. This interactive course builds on skills learned in Introductory Mediation Skills Training, and introduces new techniques for dealing with impasse, facilitating an effective negotiation between the parties, ethical dilemmas, high-conflict personalities, and adaptations of the facilitative model in business and legal settings.  An adaptation is sometimes necessary, that is taking the mediation model and converting that model to working with a large group.  Examination of how that can work and some practice has proven to be helpful to participants. Trainees also have the opportunity to learn how to “sell” their mediation practice as a single practitioner or within the organization where they work.

One of the highlights of the Advanced Mediation Skills Course is the amount of coaching and individual support trainees receive.  Supervised one-on-one skill development, individual coaching sessions and feedback are provided by NCRC trainers and mentor mediators.  These trainers and mentors help trainees discover their strengths, leverage those strengths to be an effective mediator, then, lastly, learn practical steps to improve their mediation skills.

Contact us for a customized "Advanced Mediation Skills" workshop brought to your group or organization on-site.
*Introductory Mediation Skills Training is a prerequisite for this course
*Applies toward NCRC Mediator Credential curriculum


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