Post-Divorce: Collateral Damage of Aiming at the Ex

Post Divorce: Collateral Damage of Aiming at the Ex


Admit it; it’s somewhat satisfying to bash your ex, post-divorce.  Divorce is often the result of mistrust, betrayal, anger or just plain old resentment between spouses; so why not let loose with a few arrows aimed at the person who has been the source of that anger for the last year(s) or so.

Well, here’s why:  because those arrows can strike your children. They are the ones that take the hit when you and your spouse can’t co-parent amicably.  Often, in child-centered mediation at Divorce Mediation Group, San Diego, the mediator will help parents reach specific agreements concerning post-divorce rules governing their parenting behavior, always with the best interests of the children at the forefront.

In an article posted on by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, she examines how ex-bashing hurts the ones you love most.  They may not say it, but negative comments by their parents about the other parent causes children pain and confusion. 

It’s tough to bite your tongue, but bite it anyway. Ms. Sedacca offers tips for self-analysis and alternatives to sarcasm directed toward your ex. 

Read the full article here: Post-Divorce Parenting: Bashing Your Ex is Bad for Your Children.