Five Types of High-Conflict Personalities (and how they can wreck your life)

Five Types of High-Conflict Personalities


Divorce Mediation Group of San Diego is proud to count Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD, as part of our team of mediators.  Bill’s work with high-conflict personalities has garnered local, national and international attention. Bill’s latest blog appears in this month’s Psychology Today.  Entitled “Five Types of High-Conflict Personalities and Their Targets of Blame,” this article describes the five HCPs found in conflict situations from divorce to workplace disputes to national and international politics.

All HCPs have several components in common:  they focus on their Target of Blame; depend on all-or-nothing thinking; possess unmanaged emotions; and exhibit extreme behaviors.  They may resort to violence in extreme cases.

Here they are:

  1. Antisocial HCP – aggressive people without a conscience
  2. Narcissistic HCP – focus intensely on their Target of Blame
  3. Borderline HCP - preoccupied with their close relationships and cling to them
  4. Paranoid HCP – suspicious of everyone around them and believe there are conspiracies against them
  5. Histrionic HCP – drama and endless emotional stories

For a more complete description of each personality type and how to recognize their telltale signs, please read Bill’s article in full.  The good news is that mediation and conflict resolution is possible with HCPs.  There are many therapists and mediators who are trained to work with HCPs in a mediation setting.  For more information on how to mediate with a HCP, go to Bill’s website High Conflict Institute.  For information on divorce mediation involving one or both parties with high-conflict personalities, go to the Divorce Mediation Group website or call 619-238-2400 x 223 to schedule a mediation.