Choose Mediation for Your Divorce: It Builds on the Positive

Divorce Mediation Builds on the Positive

Part 10 of our 10 part series

When a couple chooses to mediate their divorce rather than litigate, they are laying the foundation for a healthy post-marital relationship.  A healthy post-marital relationship means different things to different couples.  For some couples it means they can co-parent effectively; for other couples, it means remaining friends.  Perhaps a couple's focus is tying up the loose ends of their financial matters in a businesslike manner or continuing to operate the family business.  Or a healthy post-marital relationship may simply mean they both move on with their lives, severing all ties.   Whatever their after-divorce life looks like, it will spring from the foundation built during the divorce mediation experience:

  • Agreeing to focus on the future, not past behavior
  • Saving tens of thousands of dollars through participating in the mediation process, keeping that money in the family
  • Controlling the divorce process by creating their own agreements
  • Doing the best thing for their children by not tearing each other apart in nasty litigation

There is no getting around it; divorce is difficult.  It is one of the most stressful life experiences one can go through (no. 2 on the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory).  We don’t factor in the chance of divorce when we get married; “It can’t happen to us.”  

The decision to move forward with divorce marks the beginning of a journey through the family court system, filling out a dizzying array of forms, gathering financial documents, paying attorney fees and filing fees, managing personal finances, looking for employment (if previously unemployed), moving from the family home, guarding children from the divorce fallout, and focusing on self-care.  With such a personal upheaval, it only makes sense to explore the divorce option that will minimize the damage to you, your children and your checkbook.

Divorce mediation is the healthiest, most civil, most sane and most cost-effective way to finish your divorce.

Please contact the Divorce Mediation Group's office for more information.  We will answer all of your questions about the mediation process and help you get started when you are ready to begin.