• Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Training
    Empowering people and transforming cultures.

    Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Training

  • Mindset Monday &A Path Forward

    We’ve adapted and re-focused our popular weekly video series as well as our weekly column in the San Diego Union Tribune to bring you important communication tools and strategies, during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • West Coast Resolution Group & Community Mediation

    West Coast Resolution Group and our Community Mediation division are now offering telephonic and virtual mediations.

  • Virtual Community Circles

    During this time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we gather to listen and be heard. Join us as we gather online for a community restorative circle.

  • Virtual Coaching & Training

    Whether you are in a new professional scenario or managing a myriad of personal burdens, NCRC coaches are well-equipped to help build and fortify communication and coping skillsets.


Training Clients

Training Services

The NCRC Training Institute is an internationally recognized resource for mediation communication and conflict resolution training.


West Coast Resolution Group Practice Areas

West Coast Resolution Group

Mediation is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties through constructive discussion and negotiation of their issues in order to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. West Coast Resolution Group, a division of the National Conflict Resolution Center, has one purpose: to provide exceptional and affordable mediation services to the legal community. NCRC also offers pro-bono mediation services for select community cases, which are described more under  “Community Services”.

Community Partners

Community Services

Through no-cost mediations for community based disputes and  three other key initiatives – Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison, the Galinson Campus Civility Program, and the Empowerment Initiative -  NCRC hopes to strengthen its mission of Empowering People & Transforming Cultures.



There is a Solution

Conflicts arise in every aspect of life—at home and work, in classrooms and communities. When effective communication strategies reveal common ground, people are empowered to overcome differences. The National Conflict Resolution Center provides services and training that transform conflict into resolution.

Empowering People. Transforming Cultures.TM

We believe there is a solution to every problem, and we can help you find it.