The 29th Annual Peacemaker Awards were held on:

Saturday, April 8th, 2017
at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine​

Emcee : Dick Enberg

At a time of growing discord, this year’s Peacemaker Awards ceremony took place on a special significance. We hope you enjoyed being with us in reaffirming the importance of NCRC’s mission to transform conflict into resolution and harmony.

We are proud to report that the 29th Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner set three organizational records: attendance surpassed 600; overall proceeds from the benefit exceeded $500,000; and, the yield from the "Raise the Paddle" auction topped $230,000. Funds raised will help NCRC expand its highly successful Galinson Campus Civility Project.

Each year, the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) honors individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution to conflict resolution nationally and locally. This year we were pleased to honor the achievements of these great awardees:

National Peacemaker Honoree : The Southern Poverty Law Center


"Teaching Tolerance," the renowned Center's award-winning multi-media platform for building an inclusive society, is empowering educators across the country to guide students away from bias and conflict and toward empathy and unity.

Award Sponsored by
Bobbie & Jon Gilbert
The Jaffe Family

Philanthropy in Peacemaking : Bill and Lori Walton

Basketball legend Bill Walton and his wife, Lori, have based their exceptional range of philanthropic service on their passionate belief in the value of civic spirit and the power of human aspiration.

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San Diego Peacemaker Honoree : Rachel's Challenge


Rachel Joy Scott's posthumous legacy of kindness that emerged after her death in the Columbine High School massacre is transforming San Diego schools by disrupting patterns of bullying with a culture of compassion and civility.

Award Sponsored by
Jack McGrory


Guests had the special opportunity to generously support NCRC’s groundbreaking work with some of the most vulnerable members of the San Diego community.  We are grateful to all who contributed to these efforts, supporting the Campaign for Civility.

We hope all who attended enjoyed the inspirational program and had a wonderful evening.


Joye Blount and Jessie J. Knight, Jr.
Carol and Jeffrey Chang
Phyllis and Dan Epstein
Peter Farrell
Christine Forester
Amy and Bill Geppert
Jeanne and Gary Herberger
Linda and Mel Katz
Rena Minisi and Rich Paul
Phil Pace
Pat and Chris Weil


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