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NCRC President Steve Dinkin and Director of External Relations Ashley Virtue go live on American Dream TV to discuss conflict resolution in the workplace.
SD Voyage provides an insightful interview with NCRC President Steven Dinkin
The holiday custom of gathering with loved ones for a happy feast was put to the test in the winter 2016. Still reeling from a frenzied election, Americans faced new social challenges: Can we impose a “no politics at dinner” rule? Can we enforce it? Or should we just talk about football and the weather?
Even if you’re the most non-confrontational person in the world, you can’t avoid conflict. Whether someone on a team project throws you under the bus or a coworker says something that rubs you the wrong way, we all end up in situations where we’re at odds with our workmates. Read this article for tips on how to handle workplace issues!
National Conflict Resolution Center is the KNX Hero of the Week for making a difference in the community.
Dir. of External Relations, Ashley Virtue and Sr. Program Manager, Kathryn Shade joined Cliff Albert at Newsradio 600 KOGO to share National Conflict Resolution Center - NCRC's guiding principles on how to resolve conflict and the importance of civility in today's society.
Ashley Virtue, Dir. of External Relations at the National Conflict Resolution Center - NCRC joined Lisa Remillard this morning at KUSI News to discuss the importance of civility at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
As part of its efforts to increase dialogue around our most pressing regional challenges, the latest KPBS/NCRC Community Heroes event placed a spotlight on immigration in San Diego with a focus on asylum seekers.
Support part of Bank of America's Neighborhood Builders program, which helps nonprofits grow more sustainably to build a thriving community
The bank provides organizations with a combination of leadership development and $200,000 in flexible funding.
The San Diego-based National Conflict Resolution Center announced Monday that it was selected for a $200,000 grant in the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders program.
Bank of America has announced National Conflict Resolution Center as its 2017 Neighborhood Builder, awarding it $200,000.
NCRC President Steven P. Dinkin went live on KUSI for a routine interview, only to get a huge surprise donation from Bank Of America!
NCRC Board Chairman Tom W. Turner Jr. is highlighted in a wonderful article featured in 92130 Magazine.
The state of the San Diego housing market has quickly become one of the most pressing challenges in our region. NCRC and KPBS are promoting community and governmental dialogue to address this issue in an inclusive and proactive way.
The U.S. workforce is facing a quandary this Labor Day. Finding a job has gotten easier. But finding respect on the job remains a challenge, and employee morale, an increasingly pivotal factor in organizational success, is hanging in the balance. Please enjoy this insightful Huffington Post article written by NCRC President Steven P. Dinkin.
Steve Dinkin, president of San Diego's National Conflict Resolution Center and Del Mar city councilwoman Sherryl Parks discussed on Midday Edition how they are hoping to bring harmony San Diego County politics.
NCRC congratulates White Memorial Medical Center and Board Member George Ramirez for recently opening White Memorial Community Health Center in Boyle Heights (Los Angeles)
Parents and children learning about the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, may find the tragedy especially troubling since the terror attack targeted a venue full of children and adolescents. Ashley Virtue, Dir. of External Relations at National Conflict Resolution Center sat down with Megan Tevrizian from NBC 7 San Diego and advised parents to engage their children with open ended questions to make sense of this tragic event.
NCRC's Peacemaker Awards are featured in San Diego Business Journal!
Watch NCRC Director of External Relations, Ashley Virtue, as she talks with NBC 7 about how to empower children and parents against bullying through effective communication.
View coverage of NCRC's Peacemaker Awards in Ranch & Coast magazine!
View coverage of the 2017 Peacemaker Awards in the Rancho Santa Fe Review.
View coverage of the 2017 Peacemaker Awards in the San Diego Union-Tribune
This article features NCRC President Steven Dinkin and gives some tips for dealing with hot-headed supervisors.
NCRC is highlighted in this insightful article by San Diego Foundation President Kathlyn Mead.
The San Diego Magazine "Big Ideas" party is recapped in this photo montage!
For nearly 25 years, an incisive federal report on hate speech, written when the Internet was still in its infancy, has been collecting virtual dust. Thanks to a valiant group of Congressional leaders, the report is getting a fresh look, and its message about the awesome power of teaching tolerance is more compelling than ever. Click above to read the full article by NCRC President Steven Dinkin.
Steve Dinkin, President of the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), is joined by Bill and Lori Walton, two of this year’s NCRC “Philanthropy in Peacemaking” honorees, to talk about the Center’s more than 30 years of providing resources, training and expertise to help people, organizations and communities manage and solve conflicts with civility. Dinkin and the Waltons shout out the 29th Annual Peacemaker Awards dinner that will be held on Saturday, April 8 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla Aventine. Legendary sportscaster Dick Enberg will serve as the event’s emcee.
Bill and Lori Walton will be honored for philanthropy when the National Conflict Resolution Center presents its 29th annual Peacemaker Awards on Saturday, April 8, at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine.
Presidio Sentinel San Diego journalist Laura Walcher interviews NCRC President Steven Dinkin about the climate of conflict in the U.S. today and how NCRC plans to create a climate of civility.
KPBS and NCRC's Community Heroes Event Series is highlighted by The San Diego Foundation.
NCRC President Steven Dinkin and SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten on NBC San Diego discussing Restorative Justice practices in schools.
Walton and Enberg to reunite at Peacemaker 2017! Plus, Malin Burnham contributes to the Galinson Campus Civility Program.
NCRC Training Institute Director Lisa Maxwell interviewed by Quartz on how to be a better negotiator.
The Burnham Foundation's gift to NCRC has been highlighted in San Diego Magazine
Del Sol Magazine features NCRC's Steve Dinkin in its February | March issue. Click through to page 34 to read "Civility Costs Nothing."
A new initiative that celebrates the extraordinary impact of ordinary San Diegans was launched January 19 by the National Conflict Resolution Center and KPBS.
NCRC's receipt of a gift from the Burnham Foundation has been featured in San Diego Metro's daily business report.
NCRC's Director of Development Chris Hulburt and DMG Director Kim Werner go live on KSON San Diego to talk about NCRC's mission and how civility can be implemented in everyone's lives.
NCRC is featured in the San Diego Magazine as one of the top 17 innovators in San Diego!
NCRC President Steven P. Dinkin goes on KUSI to talk about how to manage family conflicts during the holidays.
NCRC President Steven Dinkin contributes to the Huffington Post in this article on how to maintain civility at the Thanksgiving dinner table!
NCRC Advisor Paul Palmer talks about the great work he's doing promoting NCRC's expansive programming.
October 25th has been officially proclaimed as National Conflict Resolution Center Day by the San Diego City Council!
NCRC President Steven P. Dinkin goes live on KECR 910AM to talk about conflict resolution skills at school and in adulthood.
Op-ed by Steven P. Dinkin, President of The National Conflict Resolution Center, featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune.
Steven Dinkin and Felicia Singleton with San Diego Unified discuss the vision for the new center.
A new community center opened in southeastern San Diego on Wednesday under a collaboration that aims to keep at-risk youth in the classroom and out of the prison pipeline.
NCRC President Steven Dinkin talks with KECR Family Talk Radio about incivility in today's society and the vast array of services that NCRC offers.
Longtime public servants Lucy Killea and Leon Williams, both 94, will officially be recognized as the 2016 title holders at a Sept. 15 luncheon hosted by San Diego Rotary Club 33.
NCRC Director of External Relations, Ashley Virtue goes live on Fox 5 San Diego to give viewers practical tips for everyday conflict resolution.
The Voice of San Diego's Good Schools for All: Plugging the School-to-Prison Pipeline.
In 2016 the National Conflict Resolution Center partnered with Live Well San Diego to provide joint training sessions for police and citizens, with the goal of improving relationships between police and the communities they serve. Click Here to Watch a Video about this critical program!
By Jeff Isaacs, Esq. West Coast Resolution Group Mediator
The National Conflict Resolution Center is a San Diego based non-profit agency that is founded on and grounded in community empowered solutions. Through capacity building trainings, community mediation services, collaborative partnerships and restorative justice, NCRC is supporting residents in finding grass-roots solutions to public safety issues.
Since its founding in 1983, the National Conflict Resolution Center has emerged as a leading alternative to lengthy and costly court action. The center offers extensive mediation services for disputes ranging from small claims to divorce to complex legal cases. It’s also leading a national effort to encourage civil discourse, a project championed by actor Richard Dreyfuss. Times of San Diego spoke with Steven P. Dinkin, president of the center, about its wide-ranging efforts in the San Diego community.
By Doug Barker, Esq. West Coast Resolution Group Mediator
By John Edwards, Esq. West Coast Resolution Group Mediator
Aprenda del programa de justicia restaurativa que se expandira a varias escuelas en SD el proximo año @Telemundo33
NCRC's Restorative Justice press conference has been featured on San Diego's ABC 10.
Anna Devere Smith was interviewed by San Diego KOGO AM 600 radio station about her Notes From the Field play, which was presented by NCRC in partnership with The Old Globe Theater at The Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park.
By Doug Barker, Esq. West Coast Resolution Group Mediator
Crawford High School students in El Cerrito are circling up and checking in with each other as part of a school program known as Restorative Practices.
Steven Dinkin, President of the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), chats about his organization’s mission to provide the resources, training and expertise to help people, organizations and communities manage and solve conflicts with civility. Dinkin is joined by Sherryl Parks, Mayor of the City of Del Mar, to talk about the city’s partnership with NCRC to adopt a Code of Civil Discourse on conducting business. Dinkin and Parks discuss NCRC’s recent 28th Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner that featured Academy Award winning actor, Richard Dreyfuss.
DEL MAR GOT A “SHOUT OUT” last month when the National Conflict Resolution Center held its annual Peacemaker Awards dinner honoring those who are striving for a less conflict oriented world. When Del Mar residents Linda and Mel Katz received the Philanthropy in Peacemaking Award for their hours of work with numerous San Diego organizations including San Diego Central Library, UC San Diego Foundation and the Women’s Foundation, they in turn gave a “shout out” to Del Mar for recently adopting “Civility Works: The Del Mar Code of Civil Discourse.” They noted the importance of bringing civility to the political process and inspired us to make the code really work to resolve our community’s issues. Click above to read more.
In our modern world, conflict is on the rise, and civility seems in increasingly short supply. But the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), based right here in San Diego, provides the resources, training and expertise to help people, organizations and communities around the globe solve conflicts with civility. In fact, the NCRC’s mission is to resolve issues with the highest possible degree of civility and equitability to all parties involved. Held recently at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla, the organization’s 28th annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner drew a record 580 supporters, including numerous philanthropists, civic figures and government officials. Click above to read more.
By Doug Barker, Esq. West Coast Resolution Group Mediator
Richard Dreyfuss, best known for memorable roles in films like "Jaws," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and "The Goodbye Girl," is up to something entirely different. Instead of the next big role, he's now thinking about civics and wondering why there isn't more of it in education.
Although various issues may sometimes leave the community divided, Del Mar citizens have one thing in common: They care about their city. In an effort to keep conversations civil — even when there’s conflict — community members are invited to participate in one of three upcoming courses.
Click above to watch a video showcase of NCRC's remarkably successful Resorative Community Justice program.
In an effort to use the city’s “deep bench of talent” by working together, council members at the April 4 meeting adopted “Civility Works: The Del Mar Code of Civil Discourse” and outlined plans to offer corresponding training sessions. Council members first discussed the proposal in February after Parks and Councilman Dwight Worden attended a National Conflict Resolution Center training program.
In an effort to keep public dialogue productive, even when there’s conflict, the Del Mar City Council on April 4 unanimously adopted a code of civil discourse. The city is the first in the region to adopt such a code, which is based on the National Conflict Resolution Center’s Code of Civil Discourse.
NCRC's Peacemaker Awards highlighted in the Presidio Sentinel!
Steven Dinkin, President of the National Conflict Resolution Center, and Ashley Virtue, Director of External Relations for the Center, talk about the organization’s mission to provide resources, training, expertise to help people and organizations manage and solve conflicts.
NCRC President Steven Dinkin speaks about NCRC's partnership with Live Well San Diego on ESPN 1700.
By Doug Barker, Esq. West Coast Resolution Group Mediator
Encinitas residents and developers can now access professional mediation services through a one-year Mediation Pilot Program. The services can help resolve general disputes between neighbors, and disagreements over proposed land use or development projects.
Having contributed to the San Diego region for decades, Del Mar couple Mel and Linda Katz will be recognized during the National Conflict Resolution Center’s 28th annual Peacemaker Awards April 14 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine.
Murder-suicides show biggest increase; rate in city of San Diego remains relatively low
Conflict resolution specialists hold workshops at universities, community colleges
The San Diego County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday is set to vote on expanding a restorative justice program to keep juvenile delinquents out of prison.
A pilot program led by the National Conflict Resolution Center is bringing together students, parents and local law enforcement. Why? To help build communication skills by focusing on trust and understanding of how communication can break.
Steve Dinkin, President of NCRD, the National Conflict Resolution Center, and Captain Jorge Duran, SDPD, visit GMSD to talk about the The Art of Inclusive Communication Program. Learn how this program has brought law enforcement and the communities.
A face-to-face with neighborhood high school students could soon be part of the training for San Diego police officers. A pilot program that brought Lincoln High School students together with officers is set to expand.
The program "Art of Inclusive Communication," mediated by the National Conflict Resolution Center and funded by San Diego County’s Live Well San Diego program, brought 40 Lincoln High students, their families, San Diego police, county officials and community leaders together to find some common ground.
NCRC's Director of External Relations Ashley Virtue, and Divorce Mediation Group Director Kim Werner interviewed on KSON!
The quests for equality, dignity, justice, self realization and the resulting conflicts that were central to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s are also central to the story of the musical Violet. REP Artistic Director SAM WOODHOUSE hosts leaders of the NATIONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTER for a unique conversation that will explore how individuals and communities solve conflicts with civility that fosters dignity and equality. This discussion was recorded on August 27, 2015 on The Lyceum UNDERGROUND STAGE.
A pilot program offering youth offenders an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system has been successful in its first year in City Heights, officials said Thursday.
Young people who commit crimes in City Heights are getting a second chance as part of a program that's offering an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system.
NCRC President Steven Dinkin is interviewed on San Diego's KUSI news about the Restorative Community Conferencing program and it's efficacy in keeping at-risk youth out of the justice system.
A Press conference on NCRC's Resorative Community Conferencing program has been featured on KPBS!
With budget cuts straining the state judicial system, judges frequently steer disputes between businesses toward mediation in attempts to find resolutions outside the courtroom. West Resolution Group mediator Raul Cadena comments on business turning to mediation before litigation in this San Diego Business Journal Article.
Read the new article by West Coast Resolution Group's Judy Copeland about how to creatively approach mediating elder care and capacity issues.
National movement following church shooting forcing schools to rethink Confederate names. NCRC director of external relations Ashley Virtue quoted in The San Diego Union Tribune regarding the rethinking of confederate school names.
West Coast Resolution Group Mediator, Jeff Isaacs, provides an overview of potentially critical insolvency issues presented in mediating uninsured or under-insured disputes.
The 27th Annual Peacemaker Awards, presented by the National Conflict Resolution Center, recognized Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California, as the national Peacemaker for 2015.
Carl Luna, a political science professor at Mesa College, will moderate the conference with keynote speaker Steven Dinkin, president of the National Conflict Resolution Center.
Janet Napolitano will receive the National Peacemaker Award, and Cindy Marten will receive the Local Peacemaker Award. A committee of community members and individuals from NCRC selected both honorees.
At the National Conflict Resolution Center, our response would be that San Diego has been blessed with a regional trait that makes those advantages possible: We share a belief in the power of “community before self” and we know how to cooperate in pursuing common goals and building a stronger society.
Cindy Marten, head of the San Diego Unified School District, will be honored as local Peacemaker for 2015 when the National Conflict Resolution Center holds its 27th annual Peacemaker Awards.
Mediator John Edwards is the featured Mediator of the Month in the Attorney Journal. (Pages 22-23)
An op-ed by Congressman John Lewis, 2014 NCRC Peacemaker Honoree, as seen in the Union Tribune.