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2009 Honorees

On March 12, 2009, the National Conflict Resolution Center presented two Peacemaker Awards for exemplary leadership in creating collaborative and innovative solutions to the deepest conflicts of our time, at the twenty-first Annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner.

2009 National Peacemaker Honoree

The George McGovern-Robert Dole International
Food for Education Program

Crossing party lines to break the cycle of poverty and violence for
children around the world...

Throughout their distinguished careers, Senators George McGovern and Robert Dole have dedicated themselves to the elimination of hunger at home and abroad. As leaders of opposing political parties in the U.S. Senate, they worked together to build a broad non-partisan consensus for domestic anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs. After retiring from public office, they continued to collaborate on creating a far-reaching global food initiative ultimately signed into law in2002 as the George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program. By enhancing school attendance and nutrition for the world’s poorest children in 41 countries, the McGovern-Dole Program has provided life-altering opportunities to millions of children, especially girls, previously trapped in cycles of hunger, poverty, and violence.

2009 San Diego Peacemaker Honoree

La Chanae McAfee
For leading the movement against violence and hatred in her
high school and neighborhood...

When two southeast San Diego teenagers were gunned down in a freeway shooting last March, La Chanae McAffee, a Lincoln High School student, stepped forward to organize a memorial march and rally for peace in her traumatized neighborhood. Working with the Jackie Robinson YMCA and St. Stephen’s Church, La Chanae provided leadership and inspiration to a community where chronic gang violence has taken a terrible toll on life and confidence. Her courageous involvement as a youthful voice for peaceful conflict resolution continues to inspire her community and her classmates to seek nonviolent solutions to deep-rooted conflicts that divide our neighborhoods.

To see a video about La Chanae and her inspiring work, click here >>

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